Does “DAO” still have its full meaning ?

Proman DAO

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Are you interested in learning more about DAOs and their true definition? Check out this insightful post on what truly constitutes a DAO in its purest form.

🔍 The Problem: “DAO” Has Lost all Clear Meaning
The term “DAO” is applied to so many different organizations that it has become close to meaningless. In this post, the minimum criteria for what truly constitutes a DAO are outlined as follows:
1️⃣ Be decentralized
2️⃣ Be autonomous
3️⃣ Be an organization

👉 Organizations that do not meet these three criteria must not be deemed “DAOs”. Thus, an organization can fail to be worthy of the “DAO” honorific for many reasons, including if the organization is centralized or easily censored.

💡 In evaluating whether something is a “DAO,” each of the three boxes (decentralized, autonomous, and organization) must be checked separately.

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