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Akwan has evolved in tandem with the crypto market and maintained its “boutique firm” approach to remain true to its values. More than ever, investors need guidance in identifying the best ways to invest, secure and hedge their portfolio of crypto assets. Akwan is devoted to such need for its clients.



We help investors, businesses, and organizations make informed decisions about managing crypto portfolios. Our interests and involvement in crypto markets since 2017 allow us to provide customized recommendations to our clients



At Akwan we understand the importance of securing our Clients’ positions to avoid the shenanigans we have seen from malicious market participants including established exchanges as Mt Gox, FTX and others



Volatility has proven to be a clear trait of crypto markets which is why we believe a healthy portfolio requires an extra layer of protection



Akwan Limited is an advisory and consulting firm focused on digital assets. It actively assists investors in transitioning into decentralized ledger technology (DLT). Akwan operates in both Dubai and Geneva to assist investors in better understanding the technology, gaining exposure, hedging, custody, staking and more

Known for their regulatory environments, their well-established financial centres, and their economic diversity, Geneva and Dubai are both considered to be favourable locations for businesses working in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space

Both Geneva and Dubai are well known for hosting a wide array of blockchain conferences. Governmental implementation of Blockchain, DeFi projects and Asset tokenization are some examples of both cities’ proactive efforts to roll out the technology

Some of our key achievements:

Daily trading volume
US$ 5 m
Projects multiple reached
3 x
Investors’ capital hedged
50 %



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Word from our team

“With an extensive experience in financial markets, I have seen first hand how the 08’ crisis has effected global markets. Reckless behaviour from banks some called “too big to fail”. De-regulation and crony capitalism have shown how human interference can lead to abuses and value destruction. Blockchain in simple terms, reduces the “human error” component of our models used, which is why a full adoption of the technology made perfect sense. At Akwan, we believe it will be inevitable for businesses to make the switch and we can only support those who do and assist our clients in identifying them.”



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Key elements


The key elements, that could be considered for network metrics, are the following:

Market capitalization

This metric represents the total value of all coins or tokens in circulation. It’s calculated by multiplying the current price by the total number of coins or tokens in circulation.

Total market Cap compared to All-time-high
Trading volume

This metric shows how much of a particular cryptocurrency is being bought and sold on exchanges within a specific period of time. Higher trading volume indicates higher liquidity and more activity in the market.

Total trading volume compared to All-time-high
The number of wallets in use

The number of active wallets can indicate the level of adoption and usage of a particular cryptocurrency. It shows how many people are holding or transacting with cryptocurrency.

The number of wallets in use
Network hashrate

This metric measures the processing power of the network, which is important for the security and stability of the network.

Network hashrate compared to All-time-high
All-time high (ATH)

This metric shows the highest price a particular cryptocurrency has ever reached. It’s an important metric for understanding the historical performance of a cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin (BTC) actual price compared to All-time-high
Price volatility

This metric measures the degree of fluctuation in the price of a cryptocurrency over a certain period of time. Higher volatility can make a cryptocurrency riskier but also potentially more rewarding

Price volatility compared to All-time-high



key events in the history of Cryptos & Akwan

The crypto market is well known for its volatility. It can clearly be attributed to the enthusiasm revolving around its emergence. One can understand that such enthusiasm was often exaggerated which led to scepticism warranted by opportunistic abuses. The same abuses that some experienced during the Dotcom bubble. Here is a timeline of the most notable events in Crypto and Akwan’s history:

  • January 2009

    Birth of Bitcoin mined

  • 2012

    Akwan’s first investment in Bitcoin (through MtGox & Coinbase)

  • July 2015

    Birth of Ethereum

  • throughout 2017

    First wave of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) throughout 2017

  • throughout 2017

    Akwan’s first managed accounts coincided with the first ICOs

  • End of 2017

    First well known bear cycle pushing total market cap from US$ 750b to US$ 100b that put an end to the first ICO craze

  • Beginning of 2020

    2020 marks a new cycle for the crypto market with DeFi, NFTs, Stable coins, and many more applications pushing the market from US$ 200b to close to US$ 3T

  • End of 2021

    New bear cycle started end of 2021 and by some measure is still ongoing



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