Friends with Benefits (FWB) community’s news

FWB community

Exciting news for the Friends With Benefits (FWB) community! 🎉💥 The decentralized autonomous organization is launching a social networking app that will allow members to connect, read governance proposals, and discover in-person events. 💻📈

The app is designed to build genuine relationships and streamline communication through a decentralized, members-only platform. Members will need to hold 75 FWB tokens, the community’s native cryptocurrency, to join. 💰

FWB was founded in 2021 with the goal of building a social community enthusiastic about Web3 adoption and education. The community has grown to over 3,000 engaged members and continues to expand. 🌎

In addition to the new social platform, the organization is also voting on a number of in-person social initiatives, including the 2023 production of its popular music and arts gathering, FWB FEST. 🎵🎨

Join the movement and become a part of the most important conversation in crypto and Web3! 🗣️